Our Story

Calligraphy is a writing art that is usually a beautiful Arabic sentence. Every calligraphy art that is displayed always has the elements of beauty on every form of calligraphy that is often used as wallpaper.

In general, calligraphy is an Arabic script written with multiple strokes with attention to the artistic elements of each writing. The writing has always been an ornament of art that is liked by many people.

Calligraphy art itself is more famous in the Islamic world. For, calligraphy is usually taken from fragments in the holy book of the Qur'an. Usually the art of calligraphy that entered into Islamic art has always been a decoration on the walls of the house or mosque.

But now, with the development of calligraphy technology is not only written on canvas or animal skin. But now has a lot of Arabic calligraphy art that you can make as wallpaper in your own gadget. And wallpapers are available not only regular wallpapers, but also 3D wallpapers. Surely this will always remind us of religion and to Allah ta'ala.

Calligraphy sentence you can enjoy well, if you understand the meaning and readings contained in the calligraphy. Of course it is not difficult, if you can read the Quran. Calligraphy is usually quite difficult to read is a calligraphy written with Arabic language bald. Or Arabic script that does not have punctuation.

Our main focus is to create artworks inspired by the remembrance of Allah (swt) ... Art for your Soul.

Commissioning highly skilled artists to create murals is no easy task. Add to that the training required for Islamic calligraphy, and one has a seemingly insurmountable quest.

Alhamdolilah, not only did our work generate very positive reactions, but it led to even further Dhikr of Allah (swt)... as responses generally included the praise of Allah (swt).  Truly a win win situation!

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